Training and Consultation

Lockdown has taught us that the need for knowledge is everywhere and now more than ever, people are time poor. Sometimes some quick insight is all that is required or what people are committed to take on. We have repackaged our consulting service to suit budgets and times. 

Platform Selection and Positioning

We have a simple framework for helping you to decide the path to take when looking at platform selection. Brand positioning plays a large role in this process. 2-3 sessions should give you the tools you need to make a decision. 

Journey Mapping and Customer Focus

Thinking like a customer is our goal in ecommerce. We share insight on how to improve your business customer experience from end to end. This is a more lengthy process and ongoing, but worth investing the time. 

Setting KPIs

Measurement brings accountability and ownership. It also gives you the tools you need to assess your business perfromance from warehouse management to customer NPS.